Consultant Certification Program

A year-long learning experience for working consultants who want to use the power of Conscious Capitalism to help their clients elevate humanity.

What It Entails

The Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification unfolds in 12 monthly modules.

Including one for each of the pillars of Conscious Capitalism, and on additional key topics like Landing Aligned Clients, Measuring Impact, Managing Change, and Building Teams.

Candidates in the program can expect to spend 20-30 hours each month in study, conversation with peers and other program-related work. The program brings together a global network of accomplished consultants working together to elevate their effectiveness in Conscious Capitalism Consulting.

At the conclusion of the program, Certification is dependent upon each candidate demonstrating competency across three areas:

Test of Curriculum Comprehension

Demonstrated Success with a Client through a formal Case Study

A Recommendation from Client

For Coaches & Consultants

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Coaches & Consultants Online Forum

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Once certified, Conscious Capitalism Consultants will join a growing body of elite consultants working together to accelerate the adoption of Conscious Capitalism.

The cost of the 52-week program is $5,000 which can be paid either in full up front or in two payments of $2,500, one upon registration and the other at the 6 month mark.
*As a candidate, you will be required to read several foundational texts. The cost of these texts is not included in the program fee.

Applications are currently closed, join the Conscious Capitalism Coaches & Consultants LinkedIn Group for updates and more information.

Meet Our Certified Consultants


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Tucson, AZ


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Shanghai, China


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Boston, MA, USA


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Portland, ME, USA


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

comBerkeley, CA, USA

Knap Tucker

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Atlanta, GA


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Phoenix, AZ/Philadelphia, PA, USA/Boquete, Panama, Costa Rica


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Epsom, Surrey, England


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

San Francisco, CA, USA


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Boston, MA, USA


Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Shanghai, China

Frequently Asked Questions

The Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification Program is a 52-week program of study and practice designed to prepare you to support your clients as they develop their ability to implement and integrate the best practices of conscious businesses into their companies.

Class 6 will be announced soon. Please come back later for more information!

We accept 20-25 participants into each cohort.
We hold monthly webinars for each new module in the fourth week of every month. These sessions will be live and recorded for those who cannot attend. In addition, we offer Office Hours during the second week of every month and split the cohort into Small Groups that meet in the 3rd week of every month to discuss the course content as well as their ongoing applications with a client, etc.
Yes there is! You can find it HERE.
Yes! We will share the syllabus in advance of our first Module Review.
We are working to strike a balance that is both rigorous and mindful of full-time work schedules. Everyone works differently, so it’s difficult to provide an exact time commitment. In addition to the monthly webinar, there will be assigned reading, case studies, exercises for completion, etc. On average, you should expect to spend between 8-12 hours per month on coursework and, at least, an additional 5-8 hours per month applying what you are learning with a client as part of the case study element of the program.
Certification is dependent upon each candidate demonstrating competency across three areas:
  • Test of curriculum comprehension
  • Demonstrated success with a client (pilot case study)
  • Recommendation from client
Yes! Program enrollment is $5,000. A two-part installment option is available by request.