Susana Bogalho

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Lisbon, Portugal

Humanistic, with a conscious approach to Business and People Development. Emphatic and Enthusiastic. My purpose is to contribute to a better world by adding value to people in organizations. To achieve that I contribute so that People have a positive and prosperous experience in their profession, through the development and implementation of more Human People Management processes in our clients and their Leaders Development.

With more than 20 years’ experience in People Management field, I gained expertise in Talent Management, Recruiting, Tech Talent Search, Leadership Development, High Touch Approach and Social Technologies for Transformational Change. Recently I completed Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification Program by Conscious Capitalism Inc.

If you feel I can add value to you, or your organization feel free to contact me. Let’s make the organizations a better place to work and prosper together!