The chapter program is one of Conscious Capitalism’s core organizing initiatives. On the one hand, it is a leadership structure that allows more individuals to participate in and support CCI’s activities. On the other hand, it is a program run by CCI to advance the Conscious Capitalism philosophy.

Whereas CCI provides a vision, common principles, and coordination for the global Conscious Capitalism movement, the chapter program provides the infrastructure for the development of the movement on the ground in local areas. The purpose of each chapter is to build the Conscious Capitalism movement in a geographic area and align with CCI’s overall strategy.

This can be summarized as four things:                  

Outreach- Building a community of Conscious Capitalists in the area. Broadening and deepening the understanding of Conscious Capitalism through events.

Support-  Aiding local businesses in the successful integration and practice of the Conscious Capitalism philosophy.

Storytelling-  Sharing the stories of Conscious Capitalist leaders and businesses to a wider community to encourage a change in perception of business/capitalism.

Advocacy- Actively educate the business world, media and academia about the Conscious Capitalism philosophy to facilitate a change in the narrative.

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