Malcolm Avner

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Tucson, AZ

Malcolm’s business mission is to help leaders perform to their potential, while raising those around them. For over 30 years, he has used business to elevate humanity by facilitating the
emergence of conscious leaders and building conscious cultures – in his own companies and as a conscious leadership coach.

The Conscious Capitalism movement has proven, through research and experience, what Malcolm has witnessed among many clients and in his own leadership roles…. businesses run in
accordance with a higher purpose (beyond making money) financially outperform the competition, while improving lives.

If you’re looking to improve individual and organizational performance while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Malcolm’s programs can help:

  • Senior Leaders and “Struggling Stars” receive customized 1-to-1 coaching
  • Management Teams and High-potential Leaders learn and grow together in confidential group programs blending one-to-one coaching and peer support
  • New Managers can access a 60-day online self-study program, Introduction to Conscious Leadership, designed to raise self-awareness and provide tools for building organizational trust and unity.

Based on the premise that it takes a conscious person to be a conscious leader, Malcolm’s coaching increases self-understanding, and addresses impediments to conscious culture, meaningful work, personal wellbeing, and financial success. Results typically include a feeling of control and the ability to consistently access peace of mind and clarity of direction, even under trying circumstances.

Malcolm is the founder and past chairman of Conscious Capitalism, San Diego chapter.