Tara Jenkins

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Portland, ME, USA



My Higher Purpose, my calling, is to “Inspire Life through Work”. Life is inspired through purpose. Business leaders are in a unique position to facilitate purpose for themselves and others. We’ve all spent too much of our precious life’s time pursuing profit above all else. The heart guided business leaders determined to do it differently find me. We serendipitously find each other. I’m a leader’s guide on the journey to greater consciousness. The life changing result is a transformed company that adds value to every stakeholder. What is better than that?! My clients are in any industry, any size. What’s unique is their passion for facilitating a paradigm shift to a holistic definition of business success, their humility, curiosity, authenticity and courage. Combined with my extensive HR and organizational development expertise we do great things together.

Previous clients: 

Great Diamond Partners
Embold Health
Maine Inside Out
ElleVet Sciences
Maine Drilling & Blasting