Kent Gregoire

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Boston, MA, USA

Co-Founder, Stakeholder Business

Kent is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and investor who believes in aligning profits with people and the planet. He is passionate about helping other business leaders unleash the full potential of their organizations.

  • Kent launched his first manufacturing company at age 14. Since then, he has founded or co-founded more than 15 companies.
  • Kent has been the CEO of several  companies including a live-answering call service, corporate event planning, financial services, medical devices, college and university administrative software, non-ancillary healthcare benefits, web media, branding, executive centers, commercial playground equipment manufacturing, accounting, and more.
  • He has raised over $250 million in capital and negotiated the successful exit of 15+ companies, including his own and that of his clients.
  • Kent has been providing consulting and coaching services to C-level executives for over 35 years and is one of the first certified conscious capitalism consultants in the world.
  • He’s a sought-after consultant who helps his clients build a 21st-century business model, foster a caring work culture, and provide strategic coaching for professional salespeople to C-level executives.
  • Kent is a coveted speaker who has shared his experience and insights to engage audiences around the world in venues such as the United Nations, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, FintechSouth, and many others.
  • He is a published author in the Harvard Business Review as well as a contributor to and Forbes.