Bob Scoville

Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant

Boston, MA, USA

My purpose is to help leaders and teams build healthy businesses that make a difference over the long term. Businesses can be healthy on many dimensions: physical, mental, fiscal, etc.

I partner with my clients to help them make progress implementing on one or more of the four tenets: identify and fulfill their higher purpose, develop conscious leadership throughout the organization, engage and build deep relationships with their stakeholders, discover values, and intentionally live their culture.

It is a long journey so we build commitment throughout the organization with a facilitative and collaborative process. The process begins with understanding and documenting your aspirations as an organization on multiple levels with various stakeholders. We identify core areas of focus, generate solutions, build a plan and set goals together. There will be a consistent sustainable meeting rhythm to support implementation. Typically this work will be integrated with your strategic and operating process. We’ll establish feedback mechanisms to assess progress and adjust as we go.

It is my honor and privilege to partner with clients on implementing conscious capitalism at their companies. I have worked with a great variety of organizations and industries. My specialty is working with middle market businesses.

Previous clients: 

American Surgical Company
Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group
Davenport Associates
The Granite Group
Torrington Properties
Space Electronics