​Conscious Capitalism Press​

The Moonshot Guidebook 
A Launchpad to Your Higher Purpose

​Present Company
Cultivating Cultures of High Performance in Teams and Organizations

Gathering around the Table
A Story of Purpose-Driven Change through Business

The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism
for K​IDs
​Create a Business, Make Money, Change the World

Guts and Grace
A Woman​’s Guide to Full-Bodied Leadership

Rehumanizing the Workplace
Future-Proofing Your Organization While Restoring Hope, Well-Being, and Performance

It​’s About TIME
​How Businesses Can Save the World
(One Worker at a Time)

The Practice of Self Management
A Handbook for Walking the Path from Reactivity to Presen​ce and Connection

Conscious Capitalism is an organization, a philosophy, a movement, a book, and even an identity centered around a movement of business leaders dedicated to changing the practice and perception of capitalism to elevate humanity. With the support of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., storytelling visionary and publishing house Round Table Companies shares experiences and ideas in the community through Conscious Capitalism Press.

As we explore new ways of elevating humanity through capitalism, we invite more examples, nuanced understanding, and conversations. The library at Conscious Capitalism Press is full of insights from thought leaders and new voices in the community who can help us launch discussions and support us in understanding the human nature of capitalism and business.