Steven Morris

Founder & CEO

, Matter Consulting

Press Author

Steven Morris helps organizational leaders build beautiful brands, cultures, and businesses through his work as an advisor, author, and speaker. He has worked with business leaders from Samsung, Sony, Habitat for Humanity, Amazon, International Trademark Association, NFL, MLB, and over 250 other brands over his more than 25 years in business. He reaches more than 25,000 readers through his blog and also has written about brands, innovation, and culture as a contributing writer for Retail Observer, Business Week, Brand Week, Conscious Company Magazine, Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, and MarketingProfs.

When he is not supporting leaders in building beautiful brands and businesses, Steven explores his fascination with art and beauty as an artist, designer, outdoor enthusiast, surfer, and beekeeper. To learn more about Steven and his work, visit Matter Consulting at