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Our authors are sharing their stories of how they are elevating humanity through business through their work and organizations. Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy which manifests ​many different ways at companies around the world. We invite you to pick up one of our authors​’ books today and explore new ways you can bring conscious business practices into your leadership.

OUR MISSION  Our mission is to tell the stories and share the wisdom of those who are inspiring transformational change in the world through business.

OUR VISION  We imagine a world that has unleashed the heroic spirit of business, where organizations champion each of their stakeholders in leading lives of purpose and meaning, and where sharing vulnerable stories strengthens our bonds and celebrates our differences.

​Are you writing a business book? A Conscious Capitalist ​memoir? A book on Conscious Capitalism theory? Or aspects of ​consciousness that can be applied to business? For those who would like to publish with CC Press, and who are approved, we offer guidance, accountability to high standards, revenue, marketing, a conscious publishing agreement, ease of ordering, and cost savings on bulk copies.


Founder and CEO, PayActiv

Sunny Vanderbeck

Managing Partner ​and Cofounder, Satori Capital

Founder and CEO, Leading In Motion

Embodied Leadership Coach and Consultant

CEO and Co​founder, Salveo Partners

Co​founder, Salveo Partners

David Emerald


TED (The Empowerment Dynamic), Bainbridge Leadership Center

Dr. Timothy Dukes

Founder, Lead with Clarity

Leadership Consultant & Architect of Change

Michael Landers

Founder, Culture Crossing Inc.

Strategic Consulting for the Global Marketplace

Partner, WHYZ Partners

Kari Warberg Block

Founder ​and CEO, EarthKind

Christopher Forman

CEO, The Decurion Corporation

Bryan Ungard

Chief Purpose Officer, The Decurion Corporation

Jeremy DeRuiter

Moonshot Guide, BIGGBY COFFEE

Michael J. McFall

Co-owner and Co-CEO, BIGGBY COFFEE

Laura Eich

Director of the Boost Sphere, BIGGBY COFFEE

Glen F. Pastores

​Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Ed Offterdinger

Cofounder, Conscious Capitalism Washington, D.C.

Cofounder and Chairman, Allen Offterdinger Group

Catherine Allen

Cofounder and CEO, Allen Offterdinger Group

Brandon Hatton

Senior Vice President of Wealth Management, Raymond James

Steve Morris

​Matter Consulting

​Jason Kae

​Manager of Customer Success, RealPage, Inc.



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