Conscious, Capable, and Ready to Contribute: A Fable

What if companies made developing their people’s capabilities core to their mission?

And what if equipping people with the intellectual, emotional, and social capabilities they need to thrive and contribute in the world was a recognized and incentivized form of social contribution? Leadership development experts Ed Offterdinger and Catherine Allen know from years of professional experience that higher profits, happy, engaged, and productive employees, better relationships away from work, and a better world are the result when companies put people development at the center of their strategy.

And now more than ever, employers and employees know that embracing continuous learning and development is the single most important way to adapt and succeed in a fast-changing, complex, and technically driven world. But the challenge for leaders is how to change their organization’s culture and practices to support more conscious people development in the flow of everyday work. This book is the inspiration to change and a practical guide to show you how to connect all the dots and make real culture change happen at your organization. Your team is already spending more time at work than just about anywhere else—why not harness that time for the betterment of your company, people, community, and world?

Available now for preorder. Publication date is 9/20/21.

Ed Offterdinger

CCDC Co-Founder and Board Chair; Co-Founder & Chairman, AO People Partners

Washington D.C. Chapter & Press Author Ed is passionate about helping CEOs, executives and leadership teams shift their mindsets, perspectives, and practices to do what’s best for their people, their businesses and society. Ed is a purpose-driven, trusted confidant and thinking partner with a calm and supportive demeanor. Ed’s work is rooted in data and inspired by stories. He draws on his many years of business and leadership experience to help clients improve their leadership skills and plan for their futures. Ed is the co-author of a book with Catherine Allen titled, Conscious, Capable, and Ready to Contribute: A FableHow Employee Development Can Become the Highest Form of Social Contribution. LinkedIn

Catherine Allen

Co-Founder & CEO, AO People Partners

Press Author Catherine Allen is Co-Founder and CEO of the Allen Offterdinger Group (AO). She is passionately dedicated to helping leaders and organizations lean into the power of developing the full potential of people to drive business success and meaningful social contribution. Catherine brings over 25 years working as an Organizational Development practitioner and executive coach with business, government, and non-profit organizations to address strategic, systems and people challenges and opportunities. As AO’s CEO, her focus is on building the full suite of capabilities to help leaders re-imagine and create the culture, structure, systems and incentives that make investing in deliberate people development a more integrated and holistic way to foster the capabilities people and business need to grow and thrive in the 21st century. LinkedIn