Journey to a Rainforest Team Culture

Journey to a Rainforest Team Culture: A Leadership Story about Fostering Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

As the new property manager of the failing eight-hundred-unit Mesquite Ridge Apartments, Eliza Hawkins must quickly increase occupancy and meet budgeted revenue goals if she wants to keep her job. What she doesn’t understand until her first day is that she’s stepped into a toxic team culture. Realizing this will be the greatest leadership challenge of her career, she turns to her mentor for guidance and is introduced to the rainforest team culture leadership framework. In order to achieve the company’s financial targets, Eliza begins the journey of changing her team’s cultural ecosystem by focusing on the two areas in which every manager has the biggest impact: employee satisfaction and engagement.
Through calls to action at the end of each chapter, readers are invited to reflect on the complexities of intrapreneurship, balancing human development with profitability, and the potential impact the rainforest team culture leadership framework could have on their own leadership journey.