Survey Shows Conscious Capitalism Makes an Impact

In July 2019, we collected survey results from 273 participants working at eight of our Partner Companies. These Partners are companies that make a commitment to our movement and have been previously vetted as practitioners of Conscious Capitalism. The goal of this survey was to assess 1) how individuals who work at Partner companies experience Conscious Capitalism’s Four Principles, and 2) the impact that working at such a company has on an individual’s perception of capitalism.

To determine results for the second goal, we included questions from the Pew Research Center’s Political Survey, which is generally perceived as a barometer of the public’s opinion on key issues. For our purpose, Pew asks directly for an individual’s reaction to the terms “capitalism” and “socialism” (with options for positive, negative or neutral). Pew has found increasing acceptance for socialism over the past twenty years, so their data provides a strong comparison point for our results.

The Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Partner Companies we chose for this survey include a credit union, an IT/web design company, a hospitality company, a real estate development company, a publishing company, and two regional banks.

Our results show that the majority of Partner Company survey participants are engaged and aligned with the company’s purpose, and believe that their organization stands for something good. They feel they are positively challenged to excel in their strengths, as well as feel there are opportunities in personal and professional growth. Below you will see a snapshot of the comprehensive results that will show how the Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism are perceived within our CCI Partner organizations.

Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism

My company stands for something good.80% Strongly Agree
I feel connected to my company’s purpose.64% Strongly Agree
If I worked for a non-profit, I could do more good for the world.11% Strongly Agree

I have the opportunity to use my skills, strengths, and experiences at work.60% Strongly Agree
In my job, I get things done.71% Strongly Agree
I see my company as an actual source of good in the world.58% Strongly Agree

I want to do more, but my leaders don’t trust me.3% Strongly Agree
I don’t feel safe expressing my opinions in work meetings.6% Strongly Agree
My leaders trust me to get my job done.63% Strongly Agree
I believe that my boss really cares about me.59% Strongly Agree
I am encouraged to use my unique skillset to get things done.71% Strongly Agree
I don’t enjoy going to work.3% Strongly Agree
There are people at work who care about me.69% Strongly Agree
I feel comfortable sharing my ideas on projects I am working on.60% Strongly Agree
Some of my best friends are my work colleagues.32% Strongly Agree
I have fun at work.42% Strongly Agree
I don’t have any friends at work.1% Strongly Agree
I have opportunities at work to learn and grow.64% Strongly Agree
I sometimes exceed my own expectations in my role.38% Strongly Agree
I regularly feel a great sense of accomplishment in my role.41% Strongly Agree

Capitalism vs Socialism

This snapshot of the survey results below shows that respondents have a more positive opinion of capitalism and a lower opinion of socialism than the general population surveyed by Pew, but view the Conscious Capitalism movement positively.

Comprehensive Survey ResultsPew Public Research Results
Conscious CapitalismCapitalismSocialismCapitalismSocialism

We are looking forward to increasing opportunities for data collection and storytelling to showcase capitalism’s powerful force for good and the journeys of Conscious Capitalists in our global movement.