Using AI as a Tool, Not a New Hire with Erica Salm Rench — Insights from our Community

This guest blog post comes from Erica Salm Rench, COO of and a member of our Senior Leader Network.

As AI becomes increasingly prevalent in the business world, how can we ensure that it works to better serve employees rather than put them out of work?

From content creation, automation, analytics, emails, and image generation – artificial intelligence has been generating a lot of buzz, especially with the exponential growth in popularity of ChatGPT and other AI tools. 

It is safe to say that AI will play an essential part in our daily routines and lives, especially in the business world. So, how can we ensure that it better serves us, the employees, than put us out of work? 

We believe that rather than focusing on AI as a replacement for people’s work, we should approach it as a tool that amplifies your current workflow. That is why it is an “AI Tool”. [It is] a means to drastically increase your productivity, streamline your daily routine, and automate mundane tasks. 

We should approach [AI] as a tool that amplifies your current workflow

Above all, we still need people, and human thinking, to monitor and make sure that the AI tool is functioning properly and responsibly. After all, AI makes mistakes too. That is why it is up to us as a second pair of eyes, hands, and brains, to make ensure that it is accurate and up-to-par for our needs.

Build an AI-friendly workplace. Invest time in training and educating employees about the tools available to them. It is important to bridge the skills gap by providing employees with the tools they need to stay competitive in an evolving AI-influenced workplace. 

We at are advocates of using AI tools to upskill and elevate. We share the AI tools that we discover, what our learnings are, how it is being used, and more. We learn by doing. Stay ahead of the curve, embrace AI as a tool, and leverage it to transform your business. 

After working in enrollment management where she focused on recruitment strategy and marketing, Erica managed a team of online marketers at the largest digital marketing company in the Gulf South. There, she supported the web development, SEO, online advertising, and content marketing teams in executing strategies which elevated organizations to stand out and be seen amongst the chaos of the online marketplace. Now, as the COO at, she gets to blend her love of digital marketing technology and email in order to support the incredible community of customers.