The Conscious Capitalism Senior Leader Network

Leaders who share best practices, support each other through challenges, learn new ways to grow their business, and contribute to a movement elevating humanity through business.

Network Members Lead These Companies

Network Members Seek Impact Through:

Personal & Business Advancement

- Elevate your own conscious leadership
- Learn from successful peers
- Connect with iconic business leaders
- Build a more profitable business
- Create longterm sustainability

Social & Environmental Impact

- Learn the newest ways businesses are doing well by doing good
- Workshop solutions to new challenges
- Share lessons you have learned in making a difference


Pro-Capitalism & Systems Improvement

- Be a positive example of capitalism at its best
- Share your story of elevating humanity through business
- Inspire others to do the same

Learn How to Apply the 4 Tenets of Conscious Capitalism

Member Testimonials

Senior Leaders Include:

CEOs of mid-market companies

Senior Leaders who report directly to the CEO

Self-identified Conscious Capitalists

New Conscious Capitalists

who have been practicing business this way and want to join the movement

Virtual & In-Person

Network members can join Mastermind Circles that meet virtually each month, attend regular Deep Dive conversations with iconic business leaders, and contribute to Braintrust Calls to help each other navigate business challenges.

Network members receive discounted pricing for in-person events hosted by Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Senior Leader Network enrollment

$5,000 per year

- Individual Membership
- 50% discount on in-person events

$10,000 per year

- Corporate Conscious Capitalism Partnership
- 3 Memberships
- 50% discount on in-person events

$25,000 per year

- Corporate Conscious Capitalism Partnership
- 4 Memberships
- 1 Free CEO Summit ticket ($6,500 value)
- 50% discount on other in-person events