“Built on Purpose” Interview with Alexander McCobin

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is proud to have among its Board of Directors, Y Scouts Managing Partner and co-founder, Brian Mohr.  Brian not only brings a valued perspective to the Conscious Capitalism community through his  experience running a business focused on disrupting the talent acquisition space – believing that talent is the ultimate competitive advantage – but he also hosts a fantastic podcast called “Built on Purpose.”

Soon following Alexander’s taking of the reins as sole CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. in July, Brian felt the time was right to introduce him to his audience. In this episode, Alexander shares experiences and stories from his life including: his experience joining the wrestling team in 7th grade, his choice to pursue undergrad and graduate degrees in both economics and philosophy, and how a simple idea led to a global student movement known as Students for Liberty. We also discuss how he met his wife and the now hilarious story of the morning of their wedding day, joining Conscious Capitalism as the Co-CEO (with former Trader Joe’s president, Doug Rauch), the transition to the sole CEO and the elements that make the Conscious Capitalism movement so powerful.

Alexander’s passion for liberty and free enterprise is undeniable. For every business leader out there, get ready to experience the inside story of Alexander McCobin and his vision for Conscious Capitalism’s exciting future.

Listen here to the full “Built on Purpose” interview with Alexander.