A Message to Our Community

June 2023

Dear Friends,

The first half of 2023 has gone by in a flash. 

We’ve been hard at work growing our community of Conscious Leaders. We’ve focused our energy on convening and connecting CEOs, Presidents, and Founders who are on the Conscious Capitalism journey or interested in learning more about how business can be a force for good. 

We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to create an environment for meaningful dialogue and collaboration. We host our global community at our world-class CEO Summit and locally through CC Chapter gatherings with a more regional flair. Our events and programs emphasize the Conscious Capitalism philosophy and provide a big tent for conversation and ideation among leaders. These wide ranging perspectives help all of us consider the needs and interests of all stakeholders in business decisions and promote creativity, innovation, and new possibilities.

We’ve focused by better aligning our local Chapters, engaging our members and partners, introducing Conscious Capitalism to new audiences through our free public virtual gatherings, and, especially, preparing for the 15th Annual CEO Summit in October.

And, we launched an exciting new program this spring: Dinner On Purpose™. These Dinners are intimate conversations between CEOs, Presidents, and Founders that seek to spark and deepen the relationships that are key to the success of our ambitious work of elevating humanity through business.

So far this year, I’ve had the privilege to co-host Dinners in London, Atlanta, Dayton, and Dallas. Our organizational orientation of providing a ‘Big Tent’ for convening and conversation, ensured that our guests were as diverse in thought, industry, and background as the locations where we gathered.

Our discussions were both insightful and delightful, with each group responding in ways that reflected their core values and the spirit of their local communities. The conversations were robust and complex demonstrating the power of Conscious Leaders to address challenging and nuanced issues of the day. We discussed issues including: What does a thriving organization look like? What does it mean to be a Conscious Leader? How does a Conscious Capitalism company handle layoffs? Are GenZ really anti-capitalism? and How should we be thinking about AI in our businesses?

I’d like to thank our CEO co-hosts for each event, Timothy HenryNigel Zelcer and Fred LeFrancRob Connelly, and Curtis Hite, their support and commitment to our movement is a model for us all. And, while in Atlanta, I also had the opportunity to appear on our CC Atlanta Chapter’s podcast Capitalism Done Right, take a listen when you have a chance.

Through our  Dinner On Purpose series alone, I’ve met face-to-face with over forty incredible CEOs that are new to our movement — an opportunity I cherish in a world where so many of my connections happen via Zoom. 

We’re looking to bring Dinner On Purpose to new regions in the coming months and to support the conscious journeys of the amazing leaders we’ve met so far through the CEO Summit this fall and continued engagement beyond.

With gratitude,

Karen Sammon
CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.