Welcome to Conscious Capitalism Press!

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and Round Table Companies (RTC) are proud to announce the launch of a publishing imprint to support businesses at large, the Conscious Capitalism community, and our shared goal of elevating humanity through business.

Our Vision

We imagine a world that has unleashed the heroic spirit of business, where organizations champion each of their stakeholders in leading lives of purpose and meaning, and where sharing vulnerable stories strengthens our bonds and celebrates our differences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to tell the stories and share the wisdom of those who are inspiring transformational change in the world through business.

5 Ways to Write That Book Everyone Tells You Need to Write One Day

You have a story to tell; everyone that knows you knows it. But where do you start? How can you navigate getting what’s in your head on paper presenting your story in an impactful way? Get the download on 5 options along with the pros and cons of each.

Books That Conscious Capitalism Press Will Publish

Various publications related to the ideals, tenets, and credo of Conscious Capitalism, including:

  • Business titles
  • Books on Conscious Capitalism theory
  • Books on aspects of consciousness that can be applied to business
  • Business memoirs of Conscious Capitalists

​Value for Authors

For those who would like to publish with CC Press, and who are approved, we offer the following:


Approved authors will be shepherded through the publishing process by a conscious and communicative expert team who have been packaging and publishing books for over a decade.


CC Press authors will receive 33.3% of the net revenue from every print and digital book sale.

Ease of Ordering

CC Press will dropship orders around the country and internationally for our authors.

Conscious Publishing Agreement

A first of its kind, CC Press has invested in a conscious publishing agreement to present to authors at the time of acceptance.


By publishing with CC Press, authors will gain valuable exposure to the members and followers of the movement.

Cost Savings on Bulk Copies

Authors will receive a discount of 50% off retail for books they want to sell via their own website or events where they are making appearances.

Accountability to High Standards

CC Press sets a high bar for authors who want to publish under the imprint.

​Investment to Participate

Authors who meet the high standards of CC Press and are approved will be presented a publishing agreement (a conscious contract) and upon signature for inclusion in CC Press, will be charged a one-time packaging fee of $7,500. The fee includes custom cover design, custom internal formatting for print distribution, formatting for digital distribution, copyright submitted in the name of the author, submission to the Library of Congress, unique CC Press ISBNs, last-looks proofreading, a galley proof for approval prior to release, and 100 paperback copies.

​Added Benefits for the First 20 Authors

The first 20 authors who publish with us will be named CC Press Founding Authors. Founding Authors receive the additional following benefits:

  • Announcement of the Founding Authors at the 2019 Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference
  • Promote a speaking tour to local Conscious Capitalist Communities
  • Extra 100 paperback copies of the final printed book
  • Hardcover setup in addition to paperback
  • Thunderclap Campaign to support Amazon Top Release status
  • Audio Interview with the CC Press Publisher (or CEO of Conscious Capitalism Inc.) to promote the book to the community.
  • Promotional Graphics: 3 book launch graphics and 4 inspirational graphics for social media promotion

​Apply to Become a Founding Author

CC Press is looking for the first 20 authors who will make up our 2019 publishing calendar. Authors can apply at any stage in the writing process*. Click the APPLY NOW button to be taken to the application submission page. A synopsis (description of the book you have written or plan to write) will be required. Additional material you may upload if available includes an outline, sample chapters, or full draft of the book.

*The cost to apply is $250 per title. Authors approved for CC Press will have their packaging fee reduced by the amount of their initial application fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will books be selected for publishing?

Can I apply to CC Press if my manuscript is not complete?

If I am not accepted to CC Press, can I reapply after my next revision?

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How is the CC Press business model different from traditional publishing?

If I publish through CC Press, where will my book be available for purchase?

Will I be able to resell books through my business or speaking events?

What does it mean to have a Conscious Publishing Agreement?

What are the core values of CC Press?

Will content of a political nature be considered?

What if I have questions?