Scribe Media is a professional book publishing company that helps experts, executives, and entrepreneurs scale their ideas and impact by turning knowledge into books. We pair authors with a professional publishing team to help position, write, edit, design, publish, and market their book. Scribe has worked with over 1,600 authors to date, including 11 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, like David Goggins, Nassim Taleb, Tiffany Haddish, David Bach, and more.

​Higher Purpose

Writing, publishing, and marketing books is what we do, but helping people tell their story and share their knowledge to leave a legacy of impact—that is who we are.

Our mission is to help everyone on earth write and publish their book, which is why we give away all of our processes online for free through Scribe Book School for those who can’t afford our services. 

JT McCormick

President and CEO

Conscious Leadership & Culture

Scribe Media’s leadership and culture are aligned around five core values and guiding principles, all outlined in our publicly-accessible Culture B​​​​ible.


We believe that business is about meeting the needs of people. We believe work life and personal life should not have artificial walls between them. We bring our whole selves to our work, and we support and cherish that in each other.


You are either accountable for your responsibilities and results or not. We place the highest priority on everyone in the tribe doing what they commit to do, and doing it at the highest level possible.


Success is about serving the people who matter to us. In the end we won’t be measured by our bank accounts, sales numbers, wins and losses, or the size of the company we built, but by the difference we made in people’s lives—and we make a difference through our relationships and service to those relationships.


We don't see ideas as part of our identity, but just something we hold for a time, always subject to change as we search for the best truth we can find. We listen to other people, we get feedback, we test, we adapt, and then we repeat that process over and over--because learning never ends. 


We can, and will, find a way to do the things that matter. We will work through, and learn from, whatever problems or obstacles arise. We will create the lives and reality we long as we believe we can, and put in the work.

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