We may not be able to come together in person, but we can virtually.
Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is launching virtual events to continue building the movement. 

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 19th
12:00pm-12:45pm ET 

Businesses have the power to make a difference in the human condition of the cities they live and work in. With the understanding that business leaders have influence in many spheres of society, how can they harness their organizational and personal platforms to positively affect change in the communities that mean so much to them, through their businesses?  Join Hattie Hill and Carrie Freeman Parsons as they share the powerful work being done in Dallas, highlighting collaborations that go beyond CSR and simple philanthropy, and giving insights into how everyone can be a change-maker in their own backyard.

Tuesday, October 27th
2:00-2:45pm ET 

In November of 2017, Jen Bowden (Vice President, Brand & Social Impact at IGS Energy, a 1.1 billion dollar energy company based in Columbus, Ohio), her colleagues on the IGS leadership team and Haley Boehning (Cofounder, Storyforge) were deep in preparations for a February all-company roll-out of a new strategic framework, including a compelling and aspirational vision for the future, and a unifying higher purpose to guide them on their journey based on bold and strongly-held beliefs about the future of energy. The problem? They had not one - but multiple - purpose statements. And no agreement on how to resolve this dilemma. Getting to one, unifying and aspirational higher purpose was a methodical process, with each word carefully considered, with insights from stakeholders guiding the debate … and challenging leadership positions.

In the years since these leaders committed to "building a meaningful energy future together” their higher purpose as a business been continually refined through deep exploration with each of IGS's stakeholders, including those whose voices are more challenging to harness - the environment and the community at large. IGS has also become a major sponsor and driving force in the Columbus Conscious Capitalism Community.

Join Jen and Haley as they explore both the journey and exploration process at IGS Energy that led them to the goal of carbon neutrality by 2040 and the 'how' of working to unite the conscious business community to affect local change near their headquarters.

Past Events

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