We may not be able to come together in person, but we can virtually.
Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is launching virtual events to continue building the movement. 

Upcoming Events

Finding win-win-win solutions between stakeholders can be one of the most challenging aspects of truly living out the tenets of Conscious Capitalism. But, where do you start and how do you approach decision making using this key strategy? Matt Altman, Co-Founder & CEO of Sportiqe, has been practicing stakeholder integration for over a decade and draws a direct line from Sportiqe's unflinching commitment to their values and this stakeholder focus to their profitability and business success. Join Conscious Capitalism, Inc. Board Member Brian Mohr as he and Matt discuss the essentials of making stakeholder integration an innate part of any business and explore specific examples of this model in action through Sportiqe’s own journey.

Over the past 10 months, we have all adapted to the virtual nature of our work. We strive to stay connected at home while being present to the conversations and relationships that we foster to move our businesses forward. Michael Landers and Dr. Timothy Dukes began writing their new book, Present Company, long before the pandemic but they are finding that today, their book  is serving as a roadmap for teamwork in a virtual world. Join this highly interactive session where participants will experience new ways for finding presence and connection at home and at work. 

Past Events

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