We may not be able to come together in person, but we can virtually.
Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is launching virtual events to continue building the movement.

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In the face of constant change, the nature of business must evolve rapidly if it is to remain relevant to society at large. How then should business change meet therequirements of the 21st century, in which unbridled globalization and technological advancements are having profound effects on the wellbeing and prosperity of both thepeople and the planet? The achievement of purpose is the key to successful transformation - not just having a purpose, but making that purpose real at every level of theorganization. This is the premise of the newly released book "Putting Purpose Into Practice". Join contributors Jay Jakub and Nadia Terfous as they share how the Economics of Mutuality model works in practice as well as the role and importance of measurement in both driving holistic performance and measuring impact.

Feeding more pets than any company in the world is a responsibility that inspires Tracey Massey, Global President of Mars Pet Nutrition. Join us for a candid conversation about leadership, business, and hard choices. Tracey will address some of the hottest topics of the moment, including Mars’ focus on inclusion and diversity, leading withpurpose, and efforts to drive sustainability at scale.

Companies that operate with a long-term mindset outperform their peers over time. But, systemic incentives are set up to force companies into a short-term mindset. In late 2020, the Long-Term Stock Exchange launched, offering companies a different path. Requiring participating companies to accept a set of principles and standards, LTSE hopes to support and enable long-term companies and founders.

Hear from Eric Ries, the founder and CEO of Long-Term Stock Exchange on why LTSE is needed and what leaders can do to institutionalize their long-term intentions.

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