Opening Your Heart with Bo Shao and Evolve

Bo Shao retired for the first time at 29. But after the initial euphoria of selling his leading technology venture capital firm passed he realized that nothing had really changed. He was disconnected from his feelings, his family, and his purpose. Bo has spent the last ten years on a journey of “inner work” to connect with those emotions, people, and priorities.

In his current role, Bo is the Founder and Chairman of Evolve Ventures and Foundation, a philanthropic investment firm that only supports conscious organizations whose leader(s) are on an inner journey of transformation. In his talk, Bo outlines the three components of inner work that can lead to this transformation: opening one’s heart, understanding one’s history, and transcending one’s self.

This keynote was recorded at the 2021 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit on October 6, 2021 in Austin, TX. This annual, invitation-only gathering of CEOs, Presidents, and Founders, provides the opportunity for three days of in-depth, peer-to-peer sharing among Conscious Leaders. Nominate a Conscious Leader to attend: