A Lifelong Journey to Conscious Capitalism with Emily Knight and the Texas Restaurant Association

The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) uplifts restaurants and helps restaurant owners—both brand new and established—build customer loyalty, rewarding careers, and financial success. With a mission to serve as the advocate and indispensable resource for the hospitality and foodservice industry in Texas, the Covid-19 crisis presented a unique and high-stakes set of challenges for the TRA as many of its main stakeholders faced damaging financial hits and closures.

Emily Knight, CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, shared her lifelong journey to Conscious Capitalism, highlighting her military upbringing, her early career spent in academia, and ultimately her path to hospitality and her current role at the Texas Restaurant Association. Along the way, Emily kept a keen focus on her values and her desire to be a voice and an advocate for others to ensure they know that they matter.

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