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Whether you’re just starting your conscious journey or are looking to share information with your community or just want a refresher, this introduction to Conscious Capitalism is a great place to start.

What’s inside:

  • Overview of Conscious Capitalism.
  • Description and core attributes of each tenet.
  • Case studies from established leaders for each tenet with links to learn more.
  • Discussion questions to spark conversation in your business about starting or extending your conscious business practices.

Start Your Conscious Journey

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How to use this resource:

  • Master the Basics – Understand the core concepts of Conscious Capitalism to prepare to journey beyond.
  • Dig Deeper into Case Studies – Each case study featured in this resource links to a video featuring a robust discussion from a conscious leader, that’s over six hours of additional conversation.
  • Start Conversations in Your Company – Are you just starting to explore the concepts presented here as a company? Use the questions in “Getting Started” (pgs 12, 19, 26, 33) to create open dialogue about Conscious Capitalism with your leadership, peers, and team.
  • Onboard New Team Members – If you’re already operating as a conscious business, use this deck to get new team members up to speed.

Join the Movement

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