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Planting with Purpose with Sierra Sage Herbs

Jodi Scott, co-founder and CEO of Sierra Sage Herbs, joined our Senior Leader Network in August 2021. Jodi started Sierra Sage Herbs with her mother and sister, both of whom shared her commitment to selling their plant-based first aid solutions in order to improve the health of people and the planet. Under Sierra Sage Herbs the trio launched three plant-based brands: Green Goo, Good Goo, and Southern Butter. Starting a purpose-driven business wasn’t enough. As Jodi went out of her way to find and join a number of communities of like-minded business leaders. When she learned about Conscious Capitalism she was thrilled to engage, learn, better herself, and grow her impact.

Higher Purpose is fundamental

For Jodi and Sierra Sage Herbs, Higher Purpose is the whole point of being in business. Their team wants to improve the lives of customers through their top-of-the-line skincare products, the lives of their employees by treating them with compassion, and the wellness of the planet by using all-natural plant-based ingredients in all of their products.

Sierra Sage Herbs grows most of the plants used in their production process. They start by purchasing seeds from suppliers that have been well vetted to ensure that they are cruelty free and produced with sustainability in mind. From there, the team uses growing techniques that minimize the need for post-harvest processing. In doing so they are able to drastically reduce their water consumption while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the plant which means their products have greater efficacy. The team also regularly evaluates the sustainability of their packaging. These evaluations have resulted in improved recycling techniques and innovative alternatives to plastic. These include sugarcane-based materials that look and feel like plastic but are far better for the environment.

This holistic approach and considering all stakeholders are what drive Jodi’s personal Higher Purpose: making the world a better place. “I found that better humans make better leaders make a better world,” she explained. “[I don’t view] this personal Higher Purpose journey as a luxury anymore. But more fundamental to the success of my leadership, business culture, and daily strategic decision making.”

Skillset matters, but mindset matters more

Conscious Capitalism has allowed Jodi to become more in tune with herself, both as a business leader and as a person. She has met with a cohort of fellow Senior Leader Network members on a monthly basis for the past six months. These groups are driven by members and each takes its own approach. Jodi’s group starts with a brief meditation and mindful moment to ground them and allow them to be truly present. Jodi described the meetings as “vulnerable and solution-driven” and appreciated the willingness of the group to share both their own challenges and their efforts to find solutions for one another. Meeting with fellow Conscious Capitalists has allowed Jodi to strengthen and grow her mindset, because as she says, “At the end of the day skillset matters, but mindset matters more.”

Among the changes in Jodi’s mindset is how she sees time dedicated to herself. She previously viewed it as selfish to be more intentional with her time or to focus on self-development. “I have discovered that is the furthest [thing] from the truth,” Jodi shared. “CCI is one of those practices that helps me keep my North Star in focus. I don’t get to lean is as much as I would like, but it’s a little more every time and that makes a difference!” Now that she sets time aside for self-development, Jodi has noticed that her growth mindset leads to her asking more questions and trying to find better answers. This curiosity has helped her thrive.

Conscious Capitalism has also allowed Jodi to meet wonderful people who have helped her find new perspectives elsewhere in life. “I have found incredible resources within the CCI community to help me find my Higher Purpose. In doing so I have found personal coaches to help me navigate this journey.” These connections have helped Jodi find new joy in life and lead her team more intentionally which drives better results. The shift in her mindset has even helped her become a better parent. As she applies the lessons she’s learned about working on herself to her personal life, her parenting style has changed in a way that she feels works better for her daughter.

Jodi’s advice to fellow Conscious Capitalists

To make an impact, you have to start somewhere. Jodi shared a quote that she believes encapsulates the main point of her advice:

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in the that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” -Robert Henri

“I love this quote and I think it embodies the notion of shaping yourself to facilitate results,” Jodi explained. “If you want to improve your impact, [improve your] Conscious Leadership, and build culture within your organization, it starts with initiating the change. And then the results just have a way of unfolding.”

She suggests joining groups that facilitate this I might suggest choosing to join organizations such as Conscious Capitalism, B Corp, YPO, and clubs in your local community. And, as Jodi has learned herself, find the time to devote to your personal growth.

Thank you to Jodi Scott for sharing a part of her story. To learn more about the Senior Leader Network, reach out to us or visit consciouscapitalism.org/senior-leaders.