Jon R. Katzenbach

Jon R. Katzenbach is now with Strategy& (part of the PwC network) where he founded and continues to lead The Katzenbach Center. The Center is focused on taking innovative ideas in organization beyond best practice. With over 45 years of consulting experience, Jon is a recognized expert in organizational performance, collaboration, corporate governance, culture change and employee motivation. Prior to joining Booz & Company, Jon was a Founder of Katzenbach Partners LLC, a firm specializing in organization, leadership, governance and strategy. Before founding Katzenbach Partners LLC, Jon was a Director with McKinsey.

Jon has personally done work for George and John Paul Getty (Founder of Getty Oil), Edgar Kaiser (CEO of Kaiser Industries), John Reed (CEO of CitiGroup), David Rockefeller (Chairman and Chief Executive of Chase Manhattan Bank), Jack Rowe (CEO of Aetna), Larry Spitzer (CEO of Memorex), Charles Williamson (CEO at Unocal) and others.

Jon has authored several articles and books, including Why Pride Matters More Than Money, Peak Performance, Teams at the Top, Real Change Leaders, The Myth of the Top Management Team, and Firing Up the Front Line. He also co-authored (with Douglas Smith) The Discipline of Teams and the bestseller The Wisdom of Teams. Jon and Zia Khan’s new book, Leading Outside the Lines, discusses how leading enterprises can accelerate behavior change and performance by mobilizing the informal elements of their organization to complement the formal.

Jon attended Brigham Young University and graduated with distinction from Stanford University in 1954 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He obtained his MBA from Harvard University in 1959 where he was a Baker Scholar. Jon also served in the Navy during the Korean War as a Lt (jg) in the Pacific on the USS Whetstone (LSD 27) and on the USS Nicholas (DDE 449).