Chris Johnson has devoted her life to the deep listening that underpins ‘what matters most’ in people’s lives. In Japanese this listening is called Tamashi -the living Spirit, deeper than Intellect and Heart…and it informs all of her work.

The founder of Q4 Consulting Inc. Chris is passionately committed to cultivating exemplary leaders, collaborative teams, and engaged, thriving communities.

As an experienced psychologist, teacher and leadership coach she’s known for creating trust with those who value her honesty, deep listening and commitment to their success. Mindfulness serves as the backbone of her customized consulting and leadership coaching practice where she’s best known for her work with individuals and teams in clarifying goals, developing skills and sensibilities, and taking focused action towards results.

Chris holds a PsyD. from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she teaches in both the Business Psychology and the Executive and Professional Development Programs. She’s currently sits on the Executive Team for the Chicago Chapter of Conscious Capitalism where she’s the Learning  & Practice Chair.

When she’s not working, Chris is likely either making art, gardening, or at the aikido dojo where she practices and teaches the art of peace.