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Success! Inaugural Talent Summit Brings Together Cincinnati Business Leaders

Nearly 100 business leaders across Greater Cincinnati attended the 2022 Talent Summit sponsored by the Cincinnati Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

The half-day event was held at the Summit Hotel on Friday, August 19th. The theme of the day was: Conscious Practices for Greater Impact.

The event featured leading voices in the conscious business community and opportunities to learn first-hand about the practices that help recruit, retain, engage, and support top talent in your area. From organizational structures to talent pipeline to designing culture, attendees were informed about the practices that can positively impact your employee experience in a meaningful way.

Rob Connelly, CEO & Chairman of Henny Penny, which designs, develops, and manufactures premium foodservice equipment for well-known restaurant chains, spoke about the attributes that have kept the employee-owned company thriving for more than 65 years. The company operates in a growth mindset and has since its founding.

“It might sound corny, but our people come first,” even before customers. He added, “We haven’t had a layoff in 65 years.”

Following the keynote was an intro panel discussion facilitated by Tanya Kleindienst, Team Security and Trust, among other topics, the panelists discussed leading with love in the workplace. Panelist Dustin Shell, of TiER1 Performance, explained how love can show up in the workplace during co-worker interaction by answering these two questions: “Are you there for me? Do I matter to you?”

The intro panel led into smaller breakout sessions, where participants chose from various topics for a deeper dive. Discussions included ways to integrate DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) into the workplace fabric, and centering healthy growth around increasing the positive impact of the company and creating opportunities for employee advancement.

We want to extend a giant thank you to each of the moderators and panelists who brought these discussions to life, along with the lively engagement from the audience. [INSERT moderator/panelist list after each topic]

  • Team Security and Trust
    • Meredith Post, LPK
    • Don Frericks, Don Frericks Leadership Coaching
    • Dustin Shell, TiER1Performance
    • Tanya Kleindienst, Ready to Reach, LLC
  • The Talent Pipeline
    • Jerry Beerman, Alluring Glass 
    • Megan Janes, P&G
    • Mike Sipple, Centennial/Talent Magnet Institute
    • Kelly Dolan, Ingage Partners
  • The Tension of Profit and Purpose
    • Brady Duncan, Madtree
    • Jason Ebbing, Directions
    • Jason Jackman, Johnson Investment Counsel
    • Rob Cybulski, Finit
  • DEI Practices
    • Deborah Newborn-Mason, Finit
    • Audrey Treasure, Workforce Innovation Center
    • Emily Fabiano, Workmorphis
  • Beyond Boring Benefits
    • Kelly Williams, Ingage Partners
    • Scott McGohan, McGohan Brabender
    • Devona Stripling, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
  • Healthy Growth
    • Jeffrey Bill, Sunrise Treatment Center
    • Chad Summe, eGateway
    • Greg Harmeyer, TiER1 Performance
  • Community Engagement Models
    • Alex Schutte, Paycor
    • Nicole Emerson, Finit
    • Elena Terán, Ingage Partners
    • Sarah Ehrnschwender, TiER1 Performance

The afternoon ended with a Happy Hour where panelists, moderators and participants could mix and mingle. It was a great afternoon, and participants walked away with information they could take back to their companies.

Thank you to event organizers Rob Cybulski, Sarah Ehrnschwender, Greg Harmeyer, Christina Hofer, Tanya Kleindienst, Brad Knueven, Michael Kroeger, and Ken Lewis.

The event was made possible by event supporter Henny Penny; promotion sponsor Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber; and chapter sponsors Finit, TiER1 performance, New Riff Distilling, and Ingage Partners.