Higher Purpose

Thrivent is a Fortune 500 financial services organization that strives to enable humanity to thrive by helping their clients find financial clarity for a meaningful life.

To live this Higher Purpose, Thrivent connects individuals with the tools, resources, and support needed to create financial plans, manage everyday expenses, save for retirement, make investment decisions, and protect what’s most important to them.

Stakeholder Orientation

Named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies 11 years in a row by the Ethisphere Institute, Thrivent invests in more than just  portfolios — they invest in their communities.

Philanthropic partnerships

Since 2005, Thrivent has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide manpower to build homes and tools to create access to safe, affordable housing.

Impact initiatives

The Thrivent Action Team offers all the resources clients need to launch their own fundraiser, educational event, or service activity, including up to $250 in seed money.

Charitable funding

Thrivent offers financial resources to help local churches and nonprofits thrive. Additionally, through Thrivent Choice, clients have an opportunity influence how Thrivent distribute some of its charitable funds.

Conscious Leadership

Thrivent’s executive team and board of directors are committed to leading with purpose and helping their clients achieve financial clarity, enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude.

Governance model

As a membership-owned fraternal organization, Thrivent’s leaders and governing body are able to work in the interest of the company’s membership and core values.

Board oversight

Elected by Thrivent’s members, its Board of Directors oversees all aspects of the organization and focuses on serving in the interest of its membership

Conscious Culture

Thrivent strives to provide support, stability, and opportunities for their employees to develop their careers and reach their full potential.

Diversity & inclusion

An environment where individuals are encouraged to bring their full selves to work everyday


Opportunities to grow and excel as a professional


Time off for employees to serve in their communities

Our Partners

Our work to grow the Conscious Capitalism movement to change the practice and perception of business is powered by the support of our Partners. These companies lead by example by contributing their time, energy, and funds toward the advancement of Conscious Capitalism and elevating humanity through business.