Maria Torres-Seda

Sr. Manager of Operations

Building and supporting a community of professionals who are driven by meaningful values and true purpose has the potential to positively transform the future landscape of capitalism. Maria is committed to being a driving force behind this transformation, using selfless service and systematic processes to aid in this endeavor.

Maria holds an undergraduate degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Treatment from the Rutgers School of Biomedical Health Sciences, where she was recognized with the Clinical Award of Excellence for her work with adults in the psychiatric community. Her unwavering passion to serve and be a voice for others has been evident throughout her career in various operations roles.

In addition to her professional achievements, Maria has a deep-rooted love for music that dates back to her childhood when she played the flute in symphonic, jazz and marching bands. She firmly believes in the healing properties of music and its potential to aid in the rehabilitation of neurological and mental illnesses. While she has retired her flute, Maria continues to foster her passion for music by attending live events, connecting with music enthusiasts from the shores of South Jersey to the industrial venues of New York City.