A December 2020 Update on our friend Danny Friedland

December 21, 2020

Dear Conscious Capitalism Community,

Many of you know our dear friend, Dr. Daniel Friedland (or “Dr. Danny”as he is affectionately known to many of us). He is the author of Leading Well from Within (which outlines the science and practice of Conscious Leadership) and has served as a keynote speaker at multiple of our CEO Summits and Conferences, as well as the Co-Chair of the San Diego Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. 

I am also personally deeply grateful for Danny. From my start as CEO, he has been serving me as my coach to support my growth as a Conscious Leader in my highest aspiration, which is to serve you all well. I’m sorry to have to share some painful information, that will be a shock to many of you, so please brace yourself. I promise you this email will end on an uptick of how Danny and his family are choosing to make meaning of this challenging life experience in way that will benefit us all.

Just a short few weeks ago, on November 12th, our friend, Dr. Danny, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (Grade 4 Glioblastoma). What he has been experiencing in rapidly coming to terms with a shortened life at this time is truly astonishing! He is living into the full bloom of his work of “Leading Well from Within” and is experiencing a new level of awakening of his Conscious Leadership! He shared with me that he is actually feeling blessed by his cancer. What’s emerged for him is a new found clarity of what matters most now, that is to make every moment count in experiencing intensely loving relationships and leaving a legacy with his work.

One of the main ways Danny and his family are making meaning at this time is in sharing with us all they are learning on their journey. They have just launched a YouTube channel called, Living Well from Within, which is a natural evolution of Danny’s work on Leading Well from Within where is and his family are living into this work. Danny’s family wants to share this channel with other families (both home and work families) an unfolding playlist, which you may binge watch from beginning to end as you would a “Netflix series.” This playlist serves as an ongoing real life human drama, which is also filled with transformational lessons that facilitate healing, growth and elevating the lives of individuals, communities and humanity at large:

At this moment, there are almost 90 videos in the playlist, and the magic of what’s unfolding is truly extraordinary. There are multiple rich plot lines, all connected by the overarching theme of healing, growth and elevating humanity. Conscious Capitalism is already a significant part of the story in which Abby and I have been featured. Please see the videos on Day 13 and Day 18 where we are discussing some exciting new initiatives for our community. This includes the work we are doing with Danny to leverage his expertise in appreciative inquiry (through his certification with XCHANGE) to unlock additional value for our network, as well as the founding of a Teen Initiative of Conscious Capitalism, which will be led by Danny’s inspiring son Dyl Friedland. (You may recall how Danny’s older son, Zach, also inspired us on the main stage when they spoke at our CEO Summit in 2013.) 

A big part of Danny’s purpose with this channel is to shine light, not on himself, but rather other individuals and organizations that are already doing the good work of elevating others. This is why he feel so strongly about featuring us in this channel. He realizes for him to have strong influence to shine a bright light, that numbers do matter. He wants to build a subscriber base that would ultimately ensure it these video would be seen by millions of people. Just imagine what this would mean to our movement and ability to catalyze our mission to elevate humanity if our videos were to be seen by countless leaders across the globe. This is the perfect virtuous cycle…the more we shine a light on each other the brighter our lights get…

So what I am asking each of you to do is to click the red subscribe button on the the playlist page, or below any of the videos in the channel. Then please also share this far and wide in your social networks with a call to action for others to subscribe too. As you watch the magic that is unfolding you’ll discover that the scale of opportunity is even larger than this channel. I invite you to watch his videos on Day 25, with Susie Ellis, the Chair of the Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Institute. Then watch the videos on Day 26, with Dr. Tracy Gaudet, the Executive Director of the Whole Health Initiative (which is sponsored by Alice Walton), and later that same day, with Chip Conley, the founder of the Modern Elder Academy. Then watch the video on Day 29 with George Gan, the “Chief Idea Architect” of Entrepreneurs Organization and on Day 30 (December 12), with Jean-Guy de Gabriac the Founder of World Wellness Weekend.

As you’ll discover, what Danny is doing is sensing how his cancer as blessing and leveraging whatever time his has remaining to reach into his extensive network of loving relationship to catalyze a coalition. He is ultimately looking to mobilize a movement of organizations to that are engaged in the work of facilitating healing, growth and elevating humanity in this time of historic need and opportunity. Let us join him and take the first small step in doing so!

For now, please subscribe to the Living Well from Within channel playlist and encourage others in your social network to do so too!

Be well, Alexander McCobin CEO Conscious Capitalism, Inc.