Tampa Bay Business Journal Covers Conscious Capitalism Florida

The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported this week on the formation of Conscious Capitalism Florida and in Editor, Alexis Muellner’s column “Taking it In” this week, explored the effort behind benefit corporations, which Conscious Capitalism Florida plans to support legislation for their formation. In their latest installment of the “One Question, One Minute” video series, chapter President Vinny Tafuro talks about what businesses have to gain by getting involved.

Below is a portion of the article covering our chapter’s formation of the past few months.

Conscious Capitalism chapter aims to help ‘small’ businesses do ‘big’ things

Conscious Capitalism Florida has formed with a small group of strong local supporters.

In three months, the Florida non-profit established a chapter, launched a website and social media presence, and advocated in Tallahassee for the economic development opportunities of so-called “benefit corporations.”

It now has 15 paid members.

The organization’s mission is to encourage the private and academic sectors to make conscientious decisions that utilize the free market to solve problems outside of the purpose and capability of government and nonprofits,

Board member George Zweirko, partner at Rumbo Marketing in Tampa.

First on the agenda: awareness.

When you put …