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The End of High-pressure Sales

How one conscious company is helping capitalism evolve

When Wells Fargo employees got caught creating millions of fraudulent savings, checking, and credit card accounts for its customers without their consent, capitalism’s critics had a new poster boy.

But Jesse Crowe, founder and CEO of technology firm Emerios, said the scandal was avoidable—even if Wells Fargo’s sales culture had remained the same.

Had Wells Fargo been using our solution, this never would have happened.

Jesse Crowe

The Emerios solution is a software platform that allows companies to manage talent, engage with customers, and integrate all stakeholders in a way Crowe said he believes creates transparency and promotes integrity. For over 20 years, Crowe has been running his business in accordance with Conscious Capitalist principles, and now supports billion-dollar enterprises in implementing conscious sales solutions to meet their needs.

In the case of the bogus Wells Fargo accounts, for example, customers would have automatically received an alert about the accounts and been asked to verify whether they had indeed authorized them.

Crowe said he believes there is a desire for consciousness in most organizations. “But they need to know how,” he said. “And they need to hit their numbers.”

That’s where Emerios comes in.

“We’re willing to invest in their success,” Crowe said. “We’re really good at solving problems. And we have a blast doing it.”

Emerios is currently working with companies in the utilities, energy, and telecommunications industries, though Crowe stressed that his firm will not do business with everyone who walks in the door.

Adhering to a strict “no asshole” rule, Crowe said, “We only work with good actors, and we help them to become great actors.”

As just one example, Crowe noted the case of a salesperson at a client firm whose sales figures showed anomalies suggesting high-pressure sales tactics. Emerios retrained the salesperson in conscious selling principles, and the conversion rate grew significantly after the intervention.

In essence, Emerios and its software help companies bring consciousness to the sales process.

“Sales are not an evil in and of themselves,” Crowe said. “But high-pressure, predatory sales are questionable. Our system helps prevent bad decisions.”

Crowe said the Emerios software platform can also simplify the job of sales personnel.

For example, the industries currently served by Emerios are highly regulated, and those regulations can differ significantly, depending on what states those firms operate in. The Emerios platform can differentiate the regulations by jurisdiction so that individual salespersons don’t have to amass extensive legal expertise.

“Your representatives don’t need to know all that,” Crowe said. “They just need our system to walk them through the questions they need to ask.”

Crowe said regulations and compliance are areas that can’t be ignored.

But our solution makes compliance a competitive advantage rather than an albatross. We help people make good decisions.

Crowe said that being a father to three children—including a 5-year-old son and 4-year-old twin girls—has sharpened his already firm resolve to operate in a conscious manner and to help other businesses become conscious.

“I want to make sure that the world we create is one where positivity can win,” he said. “We want to bring consciousness to business while still satisfying investors.”

Crowe’s enthusiasm runs throughout Emerios.

“If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you don’t last long here,” he said. “Teams require passion.” He added: “Kumbaya doesn’t create change. Changes need lots of effort.”

Crowe said a similar mindset is necessary to increase the prevalence of consciously practiced capitalism.

“The more people we can get onboard fighting for good, the better off we’ll be,” he said. “Operating ethically and conscientiously—that’s the path.”