John Rush, CleanTurn

How does your company practice Conscious Capitalism?
We launched CleanTurn in 2012 with the goal of leveraging the market demand for our services as a platform for creating supportive employment for individuals impacted by homelessness, incarceration, addiction and trauma. We wanted to create a for-profit model that was not dependent on grants or philanthropy for survival. Our structure recruitment, training and retention support services have been instrumental in us providing over 800 career opportunities since 2012 with nearly 40% positive attrition and retention rates.

Was your company created to be a conscious company, or was there a transition period to becoming conscious?
We launched our company with the commitment of providing a unique model for workforce development. By leveraging an investment of $300k we have been able to generate over $30m in local economic impact.

What steps did your company take to start practicing Conscious Capitalism? What was this experience like for your employees?
Our organization provides a career advancement training program that integrates into each individuals specific ambitions, needs and life circumstances. Because the ideals of Conscious Capitalism were engrained in our culture from day one our team members have not known anything different – they simply say it is unlike any other place they have worked before.

No person or organization is perfect. Where does your organization tend to get stuck? Does your organization utilize any tools/resources/other to help you overcome setbacks?
A key area of focus and growth for us is learning how to better leverage technology in capturing our growth and organizational demands. This is an area we need help in.

Who were you as an organization before Conscious Capitalism, and who are you as an organization now?
We have always had the spirit of conscious capitalism in our DNA.

What is the one piece of advice that you want to pass on to help other organizations seeking to practice Conscious Capitalism?
Be creative. Live with purpose. Don’t give up. Remember: no money = no mission!

Tell us about how your business has had a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion related impact on your team or community.
Our organizational is very intentional about providing supportive employment for a population of folks most companies see as a risk. Everyday we are changing perceptions in the community and we are shattering the myth that a person’s past dictates their future.