Jerry Tsai, EmpowerBus

Which pillar of Conscious Capitalism is best represented by your business?
Higher Purpose

Describe how your business aligns with Higher Purpose:
As a social enterprise focused on “Upward Mobility for All,” EmpowerBus always has a “north star” that guides the decisions we make, the organizations we partner with, and the principles in which we do business. For us, it is important that at least 60% of the rides we provide are serving the residents of under-resourced communities get to/from work, education, and healthcare. We know that lack of access for the residents of under-resourced communities stems from a lack of access to efficient, reliable, and affordable transportation. EmpowerBus was created and continues to operate today to change that reality!

Why did you decide to align your business with this (or other) pillars?
The Founders of EmpowerBus both come from backgrounds where their families and their experiences were given opportunities to “build the American Dream”. Aslyne is 2nd generation American and Jerry is 1st generation American. Their grandparents and parents immigrated to the United States and worked hard to provide their grandchildren and children opportunities that allowed Aslyne & Jerry creating EmpowerBus. Beyond their personal stories, Aslyne and Jerry both served in Teach For America, where they saw firsthand in New York City (Aslyne) and Las Vegas (Jerry), how access to education is a critical piece to giving children the opportunity to flourish in their futures. All of this and more combined is what fueled the decision to align EmpowerBus with the pillars of Conscious Capitalism.

Can you share the challenges you faced in aligning this way?
The biggest challenges thus far for us in aligning this way is turning away new business that doesn’t align with our values, principles, and the conscious capitalism pillars. It’s tough to do this when you’re a young company, but we’re very conscious of what our company stands for and our brand and know staying aligned is ultimately the best way to do business.

What have been the benefits of aligning the business this way?
From what we hear from the community, they know, trust, and love EmpowerBus because we’ve stayed true to doing business this way. We are seen as authentic and purpose-driven. This has naturally provided EmpowerBus with great buzz around the community (and country).

What advice might you have for businesses considering aligning with the principles?
Do it! Conscious capitalism principles are great for business. Not just the business aspect of things, but all aspects of the company (team, values, morale, etc.). You’ll be happy you did!

How have your employees/customers benefited from this approach?
The alignment with these pillars is an additional promise that our employees/customers know they will get with EmpowerBus. Knowing that they are working for or working with a company that operates by these principles is appreciated and desirable.

Adapted from answers provided by Jerry P Tsai, Empowerbus