How Yerdle and Patagonia are boosting the sharing economy

As the collaborative economy gains traction, partnerships have formed to bolster this waste-reducing trend that keeps products and services flowing through a shared loop. One collaboration gaining fresh notice involves Yerdle, an online marketplace for exchanged goods, and Patagonia, the mega-retailer of outdoor clothing and gear.

The two first paired up in November for an anti-Black Friday event in San Francisco, during which items brought for sharing on Yerdle could be exchanged for a free item from Patagonia’s pre-used Worn Wear collection. The same day, Worn Wear products also were put up for grabs on the Yerdle app.

Since then, the two have continued to support one other’s mutual interest in the burgeoning sharing economy. In addition to customers exchanging Patagonia goods on Yerdle, Patagonia contributes excess Worn Wear products from its warehouses. Meanwhile, Yerdle promotes these products to its customers. Currently, Yerdle hosts nearly 1,000 Patagonia products, which are among the 10 most popularly exchanged goods on the site.