Conscious Capitalists Supporting Ukraine – Take Action

Dear Conscious Capitalism Community,

Conscious business leaders are working to elevate humanity so that billions of people can flourish in a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity, and compassion. The Russian aggression in Ukraine, the authoritarianism from which it sprang, and the humanitarian crisis it has created all threaten that vision for a brighter global future.    

As an organization, Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI) supports conscious leaders as they make a meaningful difference in the world. So we are not simply condemning what is happening in Ukraine, we are helping business leaders take action. In listening to our Senior Leader Network Members over the past two weeks to better understand how we can best serve, we’ve heard from a community that has already mobilized support in numerous ways. Network members are:

  • Putting people first by helping employees, contractors, and their families in Ukraine flee the war zone
  • Aligning their business practices to their core values by discontinuing their economic relationships and activity in Russia
  • Leveraging existing relationships in the region to get technological assistance and financial support to the individuals most affected by the violence

But more ideas and more leaders are needed to make a bigger impact.

In response to the strong interest and demand amongst our members, CCI is stepping up to provide a platform for businesses and business leaders to support the victims of the Russian war against Ukraine by:

  • Continuing to support our members making difficult leadership decisions during times of crisis through intimate, vulnerable, and challenging peer-to-peer conversations in our Senior Leader Network
  • Holding free virtual public talks to share what businesses are doing to respond to the war and support its victims
  • Accepting donations to purchase medical supplies and rescue equipment to help Ukrainian civilians 

We have already received $20,000 in support from our members for this effort. If you would like to contribute visit: 

I hope you will join your fellow Conscious Capitalists who are concerned with the tragedy taking place in Eastern Europe and commit to supporting Ukraine in your own way. 

With gratitude,

Alexander McCobin
CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.