Claire Coder, Aunt Flow

Which pillar of Conscious Capitalism is best represented by your business?
Higher Purpose

Describe how your business aligns with Higher Purpose:
Here at Aunt Flow, we are a sustainable, B2B company keeping the consumer in mind. Being that menstrual products are a necessity for menstruators, we believe that we follow the pillar “Higher Purpose” because we want to ensure that everyone has access to FREE menstrual products while maintaining a for-profit company.

Why have you aligned your business with Higher Purpose?
After getting my period at an event without the supplies I needed, I thought to myself “Toilet paper is offered for free, why aren’t tampons and pads?” At that moment, bloody underwear and all, I knew that I wanted to be on a mission to ensure EVERYONE has access to quality menstrual products. Now, for every 10 tampons and pads we sell, we donate 1 to a menstruator in need. I call this people helping people. PERIOD.®

Why did you decide to align your business with Higher Purpose?
Higher Purpose made the most sense for me and my business. I want to make sure everyone has access to free menstrual products when they need them and if I have the means to do it, I will try my best to make it happen. I have to remember my core values when doing business. We want to “Change the world, one cycle at a time.” And to me, that defines what higher purpose is, doing good, and being successful at the same time.

Can you share the challenges you faced in aligning this way?
One of the challenges we face is the stigma around periods. Periods are looked at as “gross” or “unnatural.” And when you are trying to run a business with this stigma around your products, it can be difficult. But, we like to be positive and surround ourselves with Period Positivity. Also, we are big on educating people that periods are not gross, and they are a normal part of life for menstruators!

What have been the benefits of aligning the business this way?
At Aunt Flow, our higher purpose is to “Change the world, one cycle at a time.” The benefit of principals are when considering a deal, investor, or opportunity, we are able to test against our purpose with a simple question: “Does X allow Aunt Flow to more easily, quickly, or radically change the world, one cycle at a time?”

What advice might you have for businesses considering aligning with the principles?
When considering business principles, I first reflect on my personal values. My personal principles directly seep into the business, so I must be sure that my higher values are positive, strong, and focused. Take time for yourself to reflect; your business will benefit.

How have your employees/customers benefited from this approach?
When people tell us that they got their period unexpectedly in a public place (restaurant, school, work), and they were at a place that offered our product, and that our product was able to save their day, that’s when we feel awesome about what we do. We follow the motto #PeopleHelpingPeople!