Busting Taboos to Elevate Humanity

Miki Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of the innovative women’s undergarment company THINX, is not one to shy away from controversial subjects. And that’s more than fine with the thousands of women whose daily routine has changed for the better due to her ambitious endeavor to revolutionize the world of feminine hygiene. 

Not only are we proud to have Miki sit on Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s Board of Directors, but we are thrilled to have her as a keynote speaker and practicum leader at our annual spring conference in Philadelphia, April 18-20.

You can get to know why so many have become inspired by Miki, THINX and her expanding line of other businesses dedicated to solving problems that most others are often too embarrassed to talk about in this CNN Money article and video interview. And don’t forget to register for Conscious Capitalism 2017 to experience a transformational event like no other.

After watching the below interview with Miki, read more about the challenges she’s overcome in this CNN Money article.