A Google Hangout for Benefit Corporations in Florida

For about a year Conscious Capitalism Florida as been spreading the message about the benefits of leading business organizations with a higher purpose and having a stakeholder orientation when making business decisions. Most recently we have been working hard to make Benefit Corporations available to Florida’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Join us Wednesday 4/23 at Noon for a lunch time update on our progress and for more information about bringing Benefit Corporations to Florida.

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More on Benefit Corporations

Benefit Corporation legislation (SB 654 / HB 685) is currently making it’s way through the Florida Legislature in Tallahassee and if enacted will create a new corporate entity that deregulates corporate purpose, giving businesses the additional freedom to consider society and the environment in addition to profit.

The Benefit Corporation form is completely voluntary and has no impact on existing corporate forms, taxes or government regulation. The legislation only provides flexibility to entrepreneurs.

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