Wendy Moomaw

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Central Maryland Chapter

Wendy is a software engineer and business leader, an embodied athlete, an adventurer, and a community-igniter. By day, she moves through the world as an executive coach and facilitator with a holistic approach towards complex leadership challenges in collaboration, strategy, and execution. She is known for her unique ability to navigate ambiguity and developing a clear vision for what leaders want and how they want to do it. She is a certified practitioner of the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, the Leadership Circle Profile 360, the Collective Leadership Assessment, Polarity Thinking and a facilitator of the Immunity to Change. She is certified by the ICF at the PCC-level. Connect with Wendy on LinkedIn or visit her website to learn more about what Wendy does and how she does it. In her spare time, Wendy loves long walks in nature, enjoys photography and looks forward to traveling the world with her family again.