Ron L. Hill

Senior Leader Advisory Board Chair

Kansas City Chapter

Heart-based conscious leader. Empowering enriched lives of meaning & purpose. Conscious Business Catalyst.

I believe in the power of people, planet & profit. I believe in the understanding that if we are not the problem then there is no solution. If we focus on solving our own problems then collectively we can thrive.

For 24+ years, I have been fortunate enough to be a founder, entrepreneur, and student of life – working with the finest group of human beings I could ever imagine. Together we got messy, had fun, made mistakes, & disrupted an industry through innovation, teamwork, caring & helping our stakeholders thrive. We grew as leaders and human beings. #Grateful

Reflecting on my experience as the founder and Chief Enrichment Officer of Redemption Plus, I discovered my purpose and inspired others to find theirs. The bottom line is helping others lead enriched lives of meaning & purpose was baked into the DNA from the start. It also became crystal clear that business can elevate humanity while being profitable. You can do both, you must do both, and you should never compromise on navigating the polarity of each. This is the future of business.

My true Redemption Story began as I learned to heal myself through my oldest son’s journey of addiction & recovery. When you heal yourself, you also heal your family and your company – it is all entwined.

These lifelong gifts I intend to share with the world by:
– practicing, coaching, and nurturing conscious business practices which begins with conscious leadership;
– leaning into the power of plant-based foods to help heal disease & our planet; and
– advocating for the power of the heart (aka love) being baked into business, community, and connection to others.

We each have the power to heal, create, and thrive in a way that allows space for our world to be more just, fair, and inclusive. Peace & Love.

If you want to feel happy, do something for yourself. If you want to feel fulfilled, do something for someone else. – Simon Sinek

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