Nadine Cino

New York City Chapter

Nadine is a CEO, co-founder, and inventor. She started her career in the apparel industry as head designer and international design consultant. Founder of vir2Ldesign studio, a consultancy specializing in sports/active apparel & accessories for clients such as Reebok, Puma, and Wimbledon.

Nadine founded TygaBox out of her caring for the environment and co-invented the TygaBox System. TygaBox is a reusable plastic box and dolly moving system, rented to companies/individuals when moving replacing corrugated boxes entirely, reducing the cost of
the move by 30% and waste-to-landfill by 100%. Since inception, the company has saved its
customers over $100,000,000, eliminated over 1,000,000,000 lbs. of cardboard from landfills and saved 100,000,000 trees from senseless destruction – all from the power of the reuse of a simple box!

In 2018, she launched TygaTrax which tracks anything and everything so you can
find what you need when you need it. TygaTrax is the only system that’s scan-free, hands-free, with long/short range asset tracking integrated onto a single platform.

Always the innovator, with the Covid-19 pandemic, Nadine launched Sanichek. Sanichek checks the sanitization status of anything so you can know its status before you touch it. Smart sensors glow “green when clean” and red when not. Indoor air quality monitoring, surface disinfection and in-air pathogen detection are integrated into a unified
monitoring system, dynamically updating for compliance to building and government requirements. Intentionally engineered to safeguard human health in
facilities worldwide, Sanichek digitizes office hygiene processes and future-proofs facilities to monitor and manage tomorrow’s health risks timely and effectively.