Kori Joneson

Marketing & Communications

Kori believes business has the power to create transformational change in the world when its strategy, systems, and people are in alignment with a higher purpose. At the core of this potential is people. Leaders, at all levels of the organization, are the connective tissue that can make or break the success of the organization. It is her purpose to ensure that this interdependent relationship thrives by keeping people’s well-being integrated into their work, and ultimately their lives. 

She has the privilege of living her purpose by co-leading a team of human strategy advisors at Symbio Strategies. Symbio partners with organizations to develop purpose-driven models and tools to intentionally build human-centered systems that achieve their desired outcomes. 

Kori’s well-being is boosted by the creative and challenging work she does with clients, serving as the current Board President of Conscious Capitalism San Diego, time traveling with her husband and friends, continuous learning through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and those simple moments of being a couch potato with her retired racing greyhound.