Kevin Howard


Central Maryland Chapter

Kevin grew up in downtown Baltimore in the 60’s and 70’s, a pivotal period of change — and hope — for the city. He graduated from the University of Baltimore in 1983 and earned his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation in the mid-90’s. He started his CPA firm, Kevin T. Howard, CPA/PFS, P.A., in 2002 and acquired an investment advisory business, Flying Cloud Money Management, LLC, at the same time.

Accountants are trained to categorize transactions and to present accurate, complete and reliable information. Accounting is as much about communication as it is about numbers. Kevin believes that money is an exchange of energy. While good accounting is the foundation of any financial discussion, such a discussion is never finished until all the stakeholders are fully aware of the energy, the risks and rewards, and the ups and downs behind the transactions. The CPA profession calls this seeing beyond the numbers. Do the stakeholders trulyunderstand all the costs and benefits to them? Do they understand what resources are available and need to be available at every step of the way? This is stakeholder integration, the second tenet of Conscious Capitalism — and this is what Kevin’s passion is.