Kathy Eastwood

New York City Chapter

Kathy Eastwood is the Chairwomen of the CCNYC Board. Her passion is inspiring and enabling others to be better leaders and elevate the business experience. With more than 20 years in the IT/Software industry and various leadership roles in HR, Finance, Sales, Customer Success and Engineering, Kathy has focused on driving change through strong employee engagement in both large corporations as well as small privately-owned businesses. Currently, she is the CEO of E Equals Why, a business whose mission is to inspire and enable organizations and individuals achieve success and happiness simultaneously. She became interested in Conscious Capitalism in 2017, as it aligns to her core beliefs that all businesses and individuals should be able to clearly Express their higher purpose, Execute on an agenda that is greater than just the bottom line and actively Engage all stakeholders. Kathy lives in NYC with her husband and enjoys traveling, good food and wine tasting (ideally all together).