Jeff Bond

Co-Chair, Marketing Communications

Atlanta Chapter

Jeff is propelled by an unwavering passion to empower purpose-driven leaders through impactful media productions that celebrate workplaces as catalysts for positive change. As the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and the Executive Partner of the People-First Elevation Team, he specializes in stakeholder-oriented content creation and reshaping all-hands meetings into meticulously crafted events that foster inclusivity and cohesion among distributed teams.

With curiosity and passion, Jeff assumes the role of Co-Host for the ‘Chat With Leaders’ and ‘The People Experience Pulse’ podcasts. As the Executive Producer behind esteemed shows such as ‘The Great Retention,’ ‘B The Change Georgia,’ ‘Capitalism Done Right,’ and ‘Danforth Dialogues,’ he finds joy in amplifying impactful narratives for his clients. These narratives serve as catalysts for change, fuel insightful dialogues, and nurture a sense of community.

Beyond his endeavors in the media landscape, Jeff’s dedication extends to his active service on the Conscious Capitalism Atlanta Chapter Board and his collaborative efforts with B Local Georgia. These collaborations manifest as initiatives that rally purpose-driven business leaders around shared objectives and values, exemplifying his commitment to fostering collective growth.

Above all, Jeff’s personal purpose is firmly rooted in the ethos of serving others, drawing inspiration from his faith. As a husband to Katie and a devoted father to three remarkable children, he draws strength from familial values that seamlessly intertwine with his professional journey. Jeff warmly invites you to connect, explore his team’s content, and unite in the shared mission of shaping purpose-driven futures to elevate humanity.

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