Haris Arshad

Human Resources Executive

Rochester Chapter

As the Human Resources Executive at CleanCraft LLC, a commercial cleaning company, I oversee the HR and Technology department for the company. I was introduced to the term “Conscious Capitalism” by Ty Hookway (owner of CleanCraft) when I first joined the company, back in 2017.

As I learned more and more about the company culture and how the term “Conscious Capitalism” plays a vital role in CleanCraft’s culture the more I have been inclined to learn more and live my values and beliefs.

Keeping above in mind the reason I want to join the CCROC is to continue my pursuit of helping and educating individuals that how important is to live our values and how beautiful the world is when we show, care, respect and joy. The CCROC can give me that platform to learn and grow in the Rochester community and in the meantime help others from my knowledge and abilities.