Elise Krentzel


, EK Editorial & Coaching and EKPR

Austin Chapter

Elise Krentzel is the CEO of EK Editorial & Coaching and EKPR, two communication companies providing dynamic business and creative writing and direction for various platforms, including books, executive bios, and external communications. With over 35 years of international entrepreneurial wisdom in media, publishing, non-profit, and consumer industries, Elise has a keen eye for crafting compelling stories that resonate with diverse audiences to enhance brand identity.

Elise’s mission is to empower and transform business leaders with a moral and social conscience to share their stories for posterity and impact. As a book coach, ghostwriter, and editor, she applies deft EQ skills and domain expertise to provide enthusiastic editorial guidance and tools to build personal and corporate brands. Elise loves working with people with disruptive ideas to help them craft their authentic and memorable stories.