Chris Hooper

Chapter Chair + Co-Founder

Atlanta Chapter

I believe that business is fundamentally good. Free-enterprise is good at creating value – societal, human and financial. As humanity evolves, business is evolving with it and the historically narrow focus on profits is being augmented by a broader focus on benefits for all stakeholders that interact with businesses. Capitalism is being re-defined as a force for good with an opportunity and a responsibility to improve the human condition. And by doing so, businesses can become more durable, more resilient with capital that extends beyond the balance sheet.

My personal purpose is to advocate for the positive evolution of capitalism. I offer a pragmatic perspective on the forces shaping new ways of doing business and how they are better for organizations and their stakeholders. I offer guidance to business leaders on strategies that will position them to benefit from this evolution and find competitive advantage.

My success is measured by enlightened business leaders who are prepared for a business future that will be markedly different from the past. And how they can enrich lives, including their own.