Carlos F. Bremer

Atlanta Chapter
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Carlos Bremer is a Principal in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. He has a PhD in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from the University of São Paulo, Brazil and a Pos Doc in Virtual Enterprises from the Technology University of Aachen, Germany. His research has been focused in an End-to-End approach of Supply Chain & Operations (Value Chain) as well as a Systems Thinking perspective to guide Enterprise Transformation.

Dr. Bremer has twenty five years of experience in the area of Supply Chain & Operations. He started his career in Germany working as a CAD/CAM programmer and after two years moved back to Brazil where he continued his career as a researcher and professor at the University of São Paulo, IBM Institute of Technology in Brazil and Technology University of Aachen in Germany. In the beginning of 2000 Dr. Bremer joined Deloitte Consulting where he led its Supply Chain practice. Two years later he founded his own consultancy business called Axia Value Chain which was sold to Ernst & Young in 2012.
In his career as a consultant Dr. Bremer would help organizations by, first, defining and clarifying their value proposition to different segments, and secondly, designing and implementing the end-to-end supply chain that would enable the delivery of the proposition. These projects became very important and successful Enterprise Transformation engagements. Most recently Dr. Bremer has joined the Conscious Capitalism movement contributing for a Purpose oriented Value Chain.